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Re: [Computerbank] Re: Documentation Meeting

At 04:36 PM 11/02/2001, Kylie Davies wrote:
>Hi All Doc people, :)
>The documentation meeting will now occur on Monday night at 6.00pm at
>Computerbank in West Melbourne.
>I\'ll bring biscuits if everyone else brings thinking caps. :)
>Sorry if this means that some people cant come - most folk preferred the 
>evening option. :)
>Have a great weekend. :)

Unfortunately, I am unable to get visual in the physical, and take you up 
on the offer of biscuits ;-P But, as the member of the documentation team 
that suggested conducting the documentation project using sourceforge, I 
thought that I better say hello !

I suggested sourceforge as I thought we were a group of people accustomed 
to working collaboratively in an open source environment. I work on other 
open source projects, and most of my team mates are physically located in 
USA and Europe. I have never felt at a disadvantage being physically 
located in WA.

Due to other committments that are becoming a tad overwhelming I feel that 
I will not be able to contribute further at this time. Forming a team and a 
new project is one of the most demanding parts of a project, but equally 
interesting and fun. I wish you all the best in your endeavours and perhaps 
I will be able to assist in the new year.

All the best

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