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[Computerbank] CBAUS Debian Install Build, Packages and Goal

Does CBAUS have a standard build list for its Debian install which could
be placed on the CBAUS web site? This could be linked from the Mission
statement or standards pages. For the momment it can include what CBAUS
currently loads on machines and which packages are selected and what the
default configurations are.

Where there are desisions to be made, these should also be listed. Eg: "We
plan to use Abi word because...", or "We plan to use KDE because...., but
we are considering standardising on Gnome because...."... Over time this
would fix on the final choices, perhap indicating options and possible
considerations for the future.

This would allow for more awareness of the directions being taken and
why. CBAUS volunteers will then have a better understadning of what will
be loaded on machined and the variations in installations. Variations
would be "A dedicated firewall/gateway" vs "A default home desktop

Custom CBAUS packages would also be listed here.

This would be considered a subsection of the business plan and/or mission
statement, in parallel with other forms and standards.

What further actions need to be taken to finalise the standard CBAUS linux
install and build?


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