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Re: Shortcut focusing idle units

On 25.08.2006 20:05, Henk Jonas wrote:
> The main code doesn't scroll but move the cursor and then scrolls when 
> the cursor reaches the screen border. On a touch screen device, you're 
> not going to use the buttons to move the cursor, I guess you rather 
> prefer to scroll the whole map. That's why I've changed the code to move 
> the map in a way that the cursor is in the middle of the map, when 
> moving the cursor around with the cursor keys. Might be also a reason, 
> because the cursor movement is quite slow on Palm OS (which on the other 
> hand might be an issue with my port :-(

I haven't checked the code, but it's possible that the entire map area is
repainted when scrolling. If you're doing that for every move, that would
explain some slowness.

> >>But that's just my 2 cents and of course, knowing that such a 
> >>functionality exist (which I didn't know btw :-) makes it easy to add it 
> >>on my own in the Palm OS port.
> > 
> > Of course you can, but it's probably also in the interest of the
> > port maintainers to keep the ports as close to mainline as possible?
> Your point, but do you have any better idea?

Not at the moment, no. All I wanted to say was, it might not be a bad idea
to think about it a little and maybe toss some ideas around before making
it a port-only menu item.