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Re: Shortcut focusing idle units

Jens Granseuer wrote:

On 25.08.2006 17:07, Henk Jonas wrote:

amount of free buttons. You need already buttons for scrolling (which isn't really perfect in the main code),

What's the problem there?

The main code doesn't scroll but move the cursor and then scrolls when the cursor reaches the screen border. On a touch screen device, you're not going to use the buttons to move the cursor, I guess you rather prefer to scroll the whole map. That's why I've changed the code to move the map in a way that the cursor is in the middle of the map, when moving the cursor around with the cursor keys. Might be also a reason, because the cursor movement is quite slow on Palm OS (which on the other hand might be an issue with my port :-(

Understood, but growing the menu beyond the display size won't be any good,
either. That's why I'm asking whether this particular function is really
that useful. I haven't used it in ages, and I was even close to removing
it completely once and only left it in because every once in a while
someone comes asking for it (which obviously shows that there is *some*
demand for it, and I'm not saying it's unreasonable, mind you).

I was missing such a functionality quite some time. As I told you, I didn't noticed it and tend to forget some units from time to time.
The size of this menu depends on the font, on the PalmOS port I use a custom 8x8 bitmap font for it. There is still quite some space on the screen :-)

it's not really great. And it should be improved. But I don't want to
believe that the only valid answer to that is "put everything in the

Well, I prefer to have everything in menus with additional keyboard shortcuts. Makes the learning much easier. One of the reasons why I rather use pico or nano instead of vi when need to edit some text in a console window :-)

But that's just my 2 cents and of course, knowing that such a functionality exist (which I didn't know btw :-) makes it easy to add it on my own in the Palm OS port.

Of course you can, but it's probably also in the interest of the
port maintainers to keep the ports as close to mainline as possible?

Your point, but do you have any better idea?

Best regards Henk

  Henk Jonas
  Palm OS ® certified developer

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