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Re: crimson gfx : little touch #2

æ åï2006-08-26 æ 01:59 +0200ïLaurent Chea æåï
> Same mountains, same beaches.
> Little evolution on the buildings.
> First   : http://eva.krystale.net/~mrpingouin/render/shot_default.jpg
> Current : http://eva.krystale.net/~mrpingouin/render/shot07.png
> New     : http://eva.krystale.net/~mrpingouin/render/shot08.png

That is an big advance.

After I know there is somebody going to have an new set of computer,
just for getting better looking screen of the new windows - Vista, 
then I realized, that people doesn`t really take the real things into
consideration as I supposed. Then I know sometimes people just want
something looks fancy, and about the ture nature of it, is not such a
big matter.

For attractions, the graphics do matter.