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Re: Clipped Wings

On 05.12.2006 10:05, Nikola Smolenski wrote:
> On Sunday 03 December 2006 13:06, Jens Granseuer wrote:
> > Ok, so maybe we can make the P1 handicap so that it becomes pretty much
> > impossible to get the factory. I'd like to not remove the factory, though,
> > because this is actually the first map in the campaign with a factory, and
> > I'd like to keep it this way.
> I imagine that the ideal map for introduction of the factory would be the one 
> where playere would have a few troops and an empty factory to capture, and 
> computer would have many troops. Imagine desperation of a new player... 
> followed by excitement with new possibilities :)

Sounds very promising to the sadistic streak in me. ;-)

> > I have attached a slightly modified map, which basically gives the EoK a
> > little more space so the AI gets a few more attack vectors which should
> > make it a little harder for the defense. Do you think it's better this
> > way?
> About the same. Managed to win even though I foolishly lost both helicopters 
> while trying to prevent the computer from capturing the factory. The computer 
> may have more attack vectors, but they have to merge into one on the bridge 
> in front of my base which is virtually impassable. What's with the red dots 
> on the mountains?

The probably mean that you haven't properly updated the terrain set. If
it's a different problem, yell (preferably before the release...).

> To sum it up, sorry for bothering you, and I think that, if it is early in the 
> game, the original map is OK.

No problem. I'm glad for every scrap of feedback I can get, even if it's
a bit misguided. :-)
I'll probably tweak the map a little more anyway.
(BTW, which handicap setting did you test on?)

> I'll try to make my proposed 
> factory-introduction map.

Now, that sounds great.