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Re: Clipped Wings

On 06.12.2006 06:15, Nikola Smolenski wrote:
> Here it is, alpha version. I suck at giving names, so feel free to give the 
> level and bases any names you want.
> Now, the computer is a bit stupid. Is there a possibility to overcome some 
> problems:
> - For added realism, I initially put a small empty depot just to the north of 
> the eastern channel, where now a small house stands. However, the computer 
> always wanted to capture it first, despite the western depot being much more 
> lucrative. Could it be guided to the western depot?

Well, no, not really. The AI being stupid is an old problem, but not easily
fixable, unfortunately.

> - For the same reason, I had a troop transport docked near the rebel base, but 
> the computer wasted troops in attacking it. Could it be given some sort of 
> low priority?

No. Transports are given a higher priority because a) they're usually rather
weak and b) they might be hiding stronger/dangerous units.
> - I haven't set any victory conditions. They should be the usual: destruction 
> of all troops or capturing of the base.
> - My intention was that, after capturing the factory, the player could decide 
> on three possible ways of victory:
> - Making conventional land units.
> - Making air units. If you think that air units shouldn't be introduced this 
> early, feel free to remove them all.

I'll have to take a look first, but after crossing the Sarot Plains (ie.
around mission 5 or 6) would be a good time to introduce aircraft at a larger
scale, I think.

> - Making a sneak attack, by building a hovercraft and capturing the enemy HQ. 
> But the computer doesn't seem to notice a very suspicious hovercraft moving 
> towards its base, so it is too easy. Could a trigger be added in regard to 
> this?

See above. Transporters should be given a higher priority anyway. You could
try adding a score event for destroying the hovercraft, but off the top of my
head, I don't think the AI currently evaluates those...

> And a few comments on the map editor:
> - There's no undo!


> - There's no documentation (or is it somewhere?)

Looks like you found some ;-)

> - There's no way to remove cursor from the map. Typically I click on a kind of 
> the tile and put it somewhere; then I want to remove the cursor to see how 
> the result looks like; but if I click somewhere else, I will put the tile 
> there too which I don't want!

Just press ESC or move the cursor with the keyboard.

> - It would be nice if you could just type in names of buildings etc. and 
> computer would automatically maintain the list of messages for you.

Indeed, but the implementation is pretty tricky. In fact, I couldn't
come up with a way to do this reliably. Patches welcome.

> - It would be interesting if you could give name to every field, which would 
> in the game be displayed in the lower left. This would add realism to the 
> game.

Nice idea. On the other hand, translator uptake is slow enough that I'm not sure
adding more strings is good for us. :-(
Still, next time I change the mission file format, I'll consider this.

Now, off to play.