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Font rendering (was: Nikola's map)

On 14.01.2007 21:23, Torinthiel wrote:
> Well, my patch was labelled as iso-8859-2 (my mistake), but was actually
> utf-8, maybe that was the problem. Any you've double translated it ;)
> Re-sending it, now gzipped to be sure.

Hopefully got it right this time. I'd be suprised if the Serbian
one got through unharmed, though ;-)

> I think the problem lays somewhere else. I also see a small dot after J
> (only when it's the hotkey). I see a small dot after y, a and b (and
> thus probably any letter) if the text begins with a capital J. If the
> capital J is in the middle of a sentence and is a keyword, then it's
> not covered completely (the white letter is a bit offset from the orange
> one), and the key letter isn't as well covered perfectly if J is at the
> beginning of the string. These problems are more apparent if you switch
> to DejaVuSans font, but still exist using the default one.
> > Not me (unless I misunderstood where it's happening).
> Attached a small part of screenshot that shows exactly what's happening.
> You can see a dot after 'k' in 'Jezyk' (second option) and if you look
> closely you can also see another one after 'J'. Shot taken using
> DejaVuSans to make it more apparent.

Hm, I don't see this on my system. What are your versions of SDL_ttf
(2.0.8. here) and freetype (2.1.9)? Does changing this help maybe?
Anyone else have this?