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Re: Uprising - The map

On Thursday 09 September 2004 04:32 am, Marcus Schreiner wrote:
> Hmm, I played it once and it was very easy. You can distract the imperial
> forces and run with one infantry through the western forest and conquer an
> abandoned HQ. The old map had two minibattles and you had to decide whether
> to take the northern or southern way. In the new map the outcome of the two
> minibattles doesn't matter, you just run with your infantry.

I think it needs *BIG* guns.

Actually, I found it played more or less just like the old one, except that 
you could run infantry around without having to wait for either of the 
battles to play themselves out.  It was shorter than the old one because of 
that, though.


> > This map is supposed to become the initial map of the campaign. The only
> > thing that still needs to be done from my point of view is the messages,
> > obviously, as I'm waiting for Dave's edits to hit the wiki in order not
> > to write everything twice. ;-)
> >
> > Let me know what you think.
> >
> > Jens

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