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Re: Uprising - The map

On 09.09.2004 10:46, Marcus Schreiner wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 10:32:19AM +0200, Marcus Schreiner wrote:
> > > > Hmm, I played it once and it was very easy. You can distract the
> imperial
> > forces and run with one infantry through the western forest and conquer
> an
> > abandoned HQ. The old map had two minibattles and you had to decide
> whether
> > to take the northern or southern way. In the new map the outcome of the
> two
> > minibattles doesn't matter, you just run with your infantry.
> > Well, the initial map should be easy, just not to scare too many players
> away ;)
Yes, it should be easy. But it shouldn't be too easy ;-)
Marcus, you didn't say which difficulty you played so I'll assume it was
no handicaps. Maybe the situation can be improved by removing some of
the FNA infantry units. Initially, I placed only one, but as it's the
first map I didn't want to punish the player that hard for not protecting
his infantry so I added a few more. Maybe too many...

> And take into account player should be able to win it taking a couple of
> turns learning how to play and that every decision matters. At least
> until we have a tutorial campaign.

Okay, but what was wrong with the old Uprising?
I didn't like two things about the old Uprising. The first was that units
were placed to sparingly (ok, easy to fix). The second was that the map
only consisted of the two chokepoints. There was virtually no room for
tactics. It was either a case of luck, or of playing very defensively so
you could get your units repaired faster than the enemy.