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Re: Uprising - The map

On 09.09.2004 11:14, Dave Fancella wrote:
I think it needs *BIG* guns.
Seriously? I kept it small intentionally. After all, it's
only the first mission. FNA surely doesn't have any big iron
yet, and Kand didn't expect a rebellion and Rhintura isn't
that important anyway.

Attached is an updated version with one FNA infantry removed
and the messages added. For easier review here are the major

Mission description:

In 2483 after the Foundation of the Capital of Allantha
(F.A.) ships landed on Nexus, carrying invaders from the
western part of the galaxy. The strangers claimed the
planet now to be part of the Empire of Kand and began to
exploit the rich mineral resources.

The Yalwa campaign takes place two years after the arrival
of the Kandelians on Nexus. The Free Nexus Army, one of
the Nexian groups opposing the occupation, begins its quest
for the liberation of its homeland, the former Republic of
Kerlo, with the goal of capturing Ultha, the capital of the
Yalwa province, thereby gaining a first foothold against the

FNA briefing:

It has been two years since the Empire of Kand invaded our
planet and turned our people into mining slaves. While the
Kandelians could not maintain control over all of Nexus they
continue to keep a firm grip on our home, the Republic of
Kerlo, due to its wealth in mineral resources.

We have been organizing the resistance secretly and dealing
minor blows to Kandelian installations in the Yalwa province,
trying to increase our supplies. After two years of
preparation we now think it is time to openly confront the
invaders. You may have heard rumours of unrest in other
regions of Kerlo, and if there is some truth to them, this
could provide the distraction we were hoping for. Rhintura,
the small town that served as our headquarters for the last
two years, will become the first free town in Kerlo, and it
won't be the last.

We have brought the two small garrisons in Rhintura under
our control, but the Empire now sends in forces from the
nearby barracks. What we have to prove now is that we can
keep the town even when the Empire tries to take it back.
You will command our forces near Rhintura and repel the
Kandelian forces. You must destroy those troops or conquer
the barracks while defending our headquarters.

Good Luck! For a free Nexus!

Kand briefing:

Two years ago, in 519 of the Third Emperor (T.E.), or 2483
F.A. counting in local terms, Nexus became part of the
Empire of Kand. Scans had indicated rich mineral resources,
and we needed material to support and defend our colonies
in the northern parts of the galaxy.

Today, we still exploit the resources on Nexus, but the
situation is getting more difficult each day. High Command
is constantly pulling forces out of the system. The former
Republic of Kerlo is one of the few places where we still
maintain a considerable presence.

However, even here unrest is growing. Small groups of
Nexian outlaws and troublemakers have pestered us all the
time, cowardly ambushing small parties and settlements all
over our sphere of influence and especially in rural areas,
but in recent weeks there has been a flare of unrest in
various districts.

It seems the rebels have finally become desperate enough
for a direct confrontation. Now that they have come out into
the open, we believe it is our chance to settle the matter
once and for all. You will be commanding our forces near the
town of Rhintura in the Yalwa province where a group calling
themselves the Free Nexus Army have overrun two of our
installations. Your task is to crush the rebel forces and to
take back the garrisons.

Long live the Emperor!


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