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Re: New release?

On 11.09.2006 22:56, Torinthiel wrote:
> > >Now that my lazyness has ebbed of a little and my holidays are over
> > >(sigh), I'd like to know what our status is. Is anything going to
> > >be ready in reasonably short time (whatever that is)? Does it make
> > >sense to delay the (still pretty uninteresting) release any longer?
> > >If there's a chance of any one of the new features going in, I vote
> > >yes, but I don't know about that.
> Polish translation is in sync, and will be if only I get notified.
> BTW Have you ever considered sending CVS logs on the list (this one or
> another)? This would ease guessing whether to 'cvs up' or update
> translation.

I did think about it but I didn't think there would be much demand.
If enough people find this useful, I'll ask the SEUL admins whether
they can set up a commit list.