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[f-cpu] F-CPU architecture...

Hi people,

> what kind of "harvard" does Bogdan mean ?
> the target usage of F-CPU being a "small workstation",
> a Von Neumann approach is necessary (at least,
> from the user's point of view).

I'm not cpu architecture expert, only amateur. I once
thought about the apropriate architecture about a desktop
and embedded procesor. Before a couple of years I developer
over a dozen of industrial boards with Microchip pic RISC
controllers, and decided that it's very good to have
simultaneously access to instruction memory and data memory
in one cycle. But... The instruction memory was filled with
code for execution, and read-only, so you program the
instruction memory once, and the program is executed, and
data memory is only for variable data... I think this is
not apropriate for a desktop workstation (I hate the word
pc...), because here programs and data are all placed in a
R/W memory, so you can load lost of different programs and
execute them. This means that Von Neumann is may be more
apropriate. But, looking at OpenRISC design, and thinking
again for this problem, I asked myself - can be connected
both instruction and data busses from the core to the one
and only memory bus, and the core to use I-cache and
D-cache to read and write data to main memory a'la Von
Neumann, but actually the core will be Harvard (with 2
buses - instruction and data). These are only my personal

Best regards to everyone :) ,

Nikolay Dimitrov, a.k.a. PicMaster
Software Developer

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