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Re: [f-cpu] Codesign and SystemC

On Fri, 11 Jan 2002 nicolas.boulay@ifrance.com wrote:
> >>>> The split must NOT be done at early stage. It
> will be done at the LATER point. Why because
> dependanding of performance you want, you could do to
> choose to put thing inside a pure static hardware
> engine, a application specific cpu or in pure
> software. This choice could only be "well" done after
> fine analysys of the algorythme. Todays a choice is
> made and the algorythme sould feet in it. So you take
> udge DSP to have enough marges, in case of problem.
> SystemC are C++ so your could always start to write
> things in pure software style and then you refine
> your model to have working hardware (after split) (an
> other advantage is the speed 1000 x quicker than VHDL
> simulation !)

I agree with the first sentence. But can you really
extract a part of a complex C function and put it into
the hardware and SystemC generates the software drivers
you need from the rest?

No? Do I have to rewrite the code each time I want to
try another split - until I am satisfied or f*#!$*ed?
(sorry! :-)

What I'd like to have is the faster simulation speed. But
it's still to slow to simulate the complete software too.


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