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Re: [f-cpu] calling conventions

On Fri, 7 Jun 2002 12:18:02 +0200, Christophe wrote:
>Thomas, it wasn't really my intention to hurt you :(. I just found
>funny to see
>what a 'frenglish' may give as result. You really don't need to
>yourself. And of course, i wouldn't really mean you were not
>understandable :(.
>I suppose people here are not all acquainted with fluent english (as
>I am not),
>and it is not what we expect from people here, so please excuse me
>if I really
>hurt you :(.

You never hurt me, and you are fully excused.
And please excuse me for my bad english...

Thomas Lavergne                       "Le vrai rÍveur est celui qui rÍve
                                       de l'impossible."  (Elsa Triolet)
d-12@laposte.net    ICQ:#137121910     http://assoc.wanadoo.fr/thallium/

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