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Re: [f-cpu] There's something going wrong here...

Christophe wrote:
(snip -- what we want)
> - english-spoken
> - a main homepage frequently updated (news, manual on-line, etc.)
> - a main CVS repositary for source

Updated Doc's.
Call me naive but barring inline documentation why does seem that
the entire source for the F-CPU would not fit on a floppy??? 
If the design is truly modular why can't source be kept on a lot
of local drives, and the TEAM leader handle module updates??
To me basic CPU that is 50% functional is a good start. 

Watching some Japanese Anime "Hand Maid May" a cute story about
a 1/6 scale maid cyberdoll has got me about AI in general and why
computer science has not made any real new developments since the
1960's. ( I don't consider OBJECTS a development ). Like all good
SI-Fi stories you got a evolving AI. Computer hardware and software
is not made for incremental changes like organic systems,but rather
massive system upgrades with lots of programers. Both hardware
and computer languages need to be revised for better handling
of pseudo constants like word width and screen sizes as well as
having a hyper-text style of control flow, data flow and constant and
name and function dependancies. While as programer/hardware developer
I like the computer to handle the mindless tasks but I want final
say in what is generated and be-able view all generated data.
Open Source to me is open source every where on the chain, hardware
or software. 

Ben Franchuk - Dawn * 12/24 bit cpu *
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