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Re: [f-cpu] There's something going wrong here...

On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 11:55:42AM +0200, Christophe wrote:
> First, any developpements outside CVS is a nightmare to synchronise. You are
> developped their own versions in your corner and it is a real mess when I try
> to have a complete version. I'm really fed up with downloading big archives
> because people are unable to synchronize their works in a global repositary.

And I'm really fed up with having to go online (and pay for it!) just
to see the recent changes in my code (cvs diff) or similar things. No,
thank you.

Since I'm the one who does a big part of the work, you'll have to let
me choose my tools myself. That is, I use my local CVS and make a new
release when my changes are stable (and working, of course!). The last
one wasn't big either - 28014 bytes (.tar.gz). I've seen HTML documents
that were much longer. There's no reason to complain about `big archives'.

> This project is meant to be developped by a team, so we need a configuration
> software, that is CVS or likes.

Let me tell you how we do things inside this project (those who do
something, at least): Everybody has his own `playground'. I work on
some of the execution units, Yann works on other units, some people do
the manual translations, and so on. Ideally, there are no intersections
(and if there are some, we will define the interface by mutual agreement).

If you think a change in e.g. the Add/Subtract Unit is necessary,
you'll have to talk to the author/maintainer (that's me). And you'll
have to convince me that your idea is worth considering (or that you
found a bug). If I agree with you, I'll change the code, test it(!),
and make a new release.

We're NOT doing `bazaar-style' development. Deal with it.

You may grab all my releases and import them into the main CVS if you like
(and I really do mean `cvs import', with `-d', `-ko' and `-I!' flags set).
Of course you'll have to convince Yann not to include my code into his
archives as well.

> I prefer to get the last updates instead of downloading the whole archive
> everytime, so that way I'm sure that I get the real last developpement.

Sorry, but you're not supposed to see the work-in-progress states at all.
I'll not release code that obviously isn't working (or doesn't do what
it's supposed to).

> A project without CVS cannot be seriously considered. All good programmers know
> very well that fact.


> What we just want is :
> - english-spoken
> - a main homepage frequently updated (news, manual on-line, etc.)
> - a main CVS repositary for source

I agree fully with the first point, and partially with the second (yes,
I want the manual on-line too!). Project-related news should be posted
to the mailing lists (that is, at least the main - english speaking -
list). I can also agree with the third point if you drop the `CVS'
(or if I don't have to work with it on-line, and somebody else keeps
it up-to-date).

> tuxfamily.org was chosen for this purpose.

This is the point I do not agree with.

When you (all of you who chose it) have contributed your first lines of
code (or other valuable contributions - and I certainly don't count web
space, connectivity or well-meant `advice'), you may start raising your
voice when things are going to be decided. Until then, you'll have to
kindly *ask* and let the main developers decide.

In short: "contribute or shut up". If you don't like that, start your
own project and work the way you like. Or maybe join Alan Grimes.

 Michael "Tired" Riepe <Michael.Riepe@stud.uni-hannover.de>
 "All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die"
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