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Re: [f-cpu] There's something going wrong here...

Ok, just a refinement.

You use your own local CVS for developping your part. When you reach a working
release, you may just commit it to global CVS, you will save your money since
you would just commit modified files. Besides, usually there is a CVS mailing
which is sent to people when some commitings occur : that way we keep an
history of what major change is done. If you are still against, okay, just send
your more recent part to someone who will commit to global CVS. You are not
forced to do so, but you cannot also force other people not to use CVS because
you find it not convenient. Up to now, I cannot know which archive is the
official or the most recent !!! so it is why we really need a main repositary.

> If you think a change in e.g. the Add/Subtract Unit is necessary,
> you'll have to talk to the author/maintainer (that's me). And you'll
> have to convince me that your idea is worth considering (or that you
> found a bug). If I agree with you, I'll change the code, test it(!),
> and make a new release.
> We're NOT doing `bazaar-style' development. Deal with it.

I aggree too. Anyway, my opinion is that global repositary is only-read for
anonymous access (pserver) and commitable for only registered developpers (per
module basis, ssh).

> > What we just want is :
> >
> > - english-spoken
> > - a main homepage frequently updated (news, manual on-line, etc.)
> > - a main CVS repositary for source
> I agree fully with the first point, and partially with the second (yes,
> I want the manual on-line too!). Project-related news should be posted
> to the mailing lists (that is, at least the main - english speaking -
> list).

Hum yes, let us forget about news... (I don't consider news to be a mailing
list, but some news that people can read when accessing the homepage, that's
nothing else that)

> I can also agree with the third point if you drop the `CVS'
> (or if I don't have to work with it on-line, and somebody else keeps
> it up-to-date).

As I told you above, you can always work on your local CVS, and update/commit
when you reach a major and working release, or send it to someone in charge.

> > tuxfamily.org was chosen for this purpose.

Okay, okay, tuxfamily or not. What is important is to have an official homepage
and repositary which are not old or scattered in so many places so people can
get it the easiest way and being sure to have the last one, clean and working.

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