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Re: [f-cpu] Synthesier hunting

> nico@seul.org a écrit :
>>>version 2001.08 for sparcOS5
>>We have the same version here.
> where are you, nico?


>>It should be the last one. Do you know
>>whitch library could be used on it ?
> i don't know
> there may be designware...

That's a tools from synopsys, i speak about the design kit. This come from
ST microelectronics or something like that (atmel, ...).

> do you know were the files are located or how to test it (there is even
> not "locate" command pffffffff)?
> it's a solaris computer, i don't really know how it works.
> LEON doesn't compile (cause it uses linux kernel-configurator)

it need tcl/tk.

> i didn't tried with f-cpu yet... but fcpu doesn't need special libraries?

i think you could.

>> Could it be possible to have a shell
>>access to those machine ?
> remotely ? definitively not.

I try to write a "generic" synthesys script so you could test your unit.

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