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Re: [f-cpu] Flying Analog Elephants

hi !

Nicolas Matringe wrote:
> Yann Guidon a écrit :
> > i've had stability problems with newer chips. the 741 works
> > even when no external R or C is used.
> > I don't know the 33078, but i search the best resistor ratio
> > to modify the sensitivity, instead of adding (yet) another
> > analog amplifying stage.
> AD has some nice audio chips...
yep. But Maxim and CS have a more agressive "sampling" strategy :-)
i have Maxim MAX120, MAX 122 and MAX 198 (all in handy narrow DIP package),
and Cristal CS4222(*2), CS5394(*2) and CS5396(*1). The 539x are in
SMD package with a 50mil pin spacing but the 4222 is in 25mil, i can't solder
something *that* thin.

There's also a CS5524 but it is limited to 1KHz sampling :-)
And a TI 8-bit 10MHz ADC, too.

> I also have some audio schematics that might be of some interest to you
they are often distributed for free along with the samples. I have a small
pile of papers related to that (implementation notes, data sheets...)

> (did I say i'm an electronics freak? ;o)
you'll have to prove it ;-P do you have a SMD soldering station at home ?
(i don't but that could be useful sometimes ;-D)

> Nicolas MATRINGE           IPricot European Headquarters
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