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Re: [f-cpu] (totally Off Topic) Flying Analog Elephants

Yann Guidon a écrit :
> > AD has some nice audio chips...
> yep. But Maxim and CS have a more agressive "sampling"
> strategy :-)

I meant "analog" audio chips (sorry)

> > I also have some audio schematics that might be of some
> > interest to you
> they are often distributed for free along with the samples.

These are only app notes. Beware, they're often hiding some mistakes.
Mys schematicds are only pure analog but they can be very usefull (want
a nice microphone preamp, especially designed to be used with a DAT?)

> > (did I say i'm an electronics freak? ;o)
> you'll have to prove it ;-P

Well at the moment my own private lab is a bit messy, I'm trying to
repair my older-than-me Tek 531A scope
(picture: http://www.helo.de/helo/museum/tek/tekold/531.htm)

> do you have a SMD soldering station at home ? (i don't but
> that could be useful sometimes ;-D)

Good eyes and a fine tipped soldering iron are all I need to solder SMD,
although I don't do it at home but often at work.

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