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(FC-Devel) Argo/UML and FreeCase


I can't speak for Jason, so I am copying him on this message. My
understanding of the project is that it is under a BSD like lic., so Jason
can do consulting later using Argo. Companies would come to him, because the
press generated by Argo/UML. He would accepted as a UML - Case guru.  I
think this has already occurred to some extent, because he has been talk
with Peter Coad, if I remember correctly.

I think that UCI just want no one tries to take credit for the work without
recognizing them. If it is indeed like BSD all that would be required is a
credit in the software. This seem acceptable to me. It actually nicer for
companies and consultants than GPL or LGPL. I can create plug-in that don't
give out the source and sell them.

This is where I think FC CORBA funcationality would be really nice. As an
example, I use Visual Basic, I may want to give the XSL for code generation
away under some OS lic. I can then sell a custom version of Argo/UML with
reverse engining CORBA or COM components that are complied. I have a product
I can sell, it support open source and if the Argo/UML group thinks I have
violated some agreement, they can just create a OS clone of my component and
I will have to compete with it in the market place.

Jason, did I get this correct?

P.S. Yes, I did mention that I'd like see both COM and CORBA supported. It
looked like we have no choice, but to except we will have two object models.
What we really need is an open source project that is a "glue" API. I think
it should be either a facade pattern to present on object model no matter
what the standard is.



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> Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 1999 4:51 PM
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> Subject: Re: (FC-Devel) Hi
> Hi everybody,
> We have been thinking about a merge for a while. Argo UML's
> development  is much
> more advanced than FreeCase but has different goals. Using CORBA
> as a mediator
> between project seems to be a nice idea but is it possible from a
> technical
> point of view ? Argo is a reseach project and I can imagine that
> the UCI has
> developped this platform to achieve some specific research goals.
> Do they need a
> complex technical infrastructure such as the one we forsee for
> FreeCase ? On the
> other hand, if we find a common technical platform, we might boost both
> projects.
> Sami.
> Jeff Duska a écrit :
> > I tried to send an email earlier, but it appears that it did
> not work. I was
> > curious, if the group has consider pool efforts with the
> Argo/UML group. It
> > would be nice to work with them and help add CORBA interfaces to the
> > existing objects, so if needed they could be replaced with
> native objects.
> >
> > What does everyone think?
> >
> > Jeff Duska
> >
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> > > Subject: (FC-Devel) Hi
> > >
> > >
> > > Hi everybody,
> > >
> > > It's been a long time I haven't been able to contribute to
> the FreeCase
> > > project. But I am more convinced than ever that we have the
> opportunity
> > > to deliver a good piece of software. There are so many people from
> > > countries around the world that have visited the site and sent email !
> > > We must achieve this great adventure.
> > > So what do we do now ? I would like to work with a few volunters to
> > > setup some core components and deliver a reduced CASE tool
> able to draw
> > > some essential diagrams (class and collaboration). Your comments are
> > > welcome.
> > >
> > > Sincerely yours,
> > >
> > >     Sami BEN GRINE
> > >     FreeCase projet manager.
> > >