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Re: (FC-Devel) Argo/UML and FreeCase

Hi Jeff and FreeCasers

>I can't speak for Jason, so I am copying him on this message. My
>understanding of the project is that it is under a BSD like lic., so Jason
>can do consulting later using Argo. 

Yes, Argo/UML is under a BSD-like license, so it can be used for
comercial purposes.

>I think that UCI just want no one tries to take credit for the work without
>recognizing them. If it is indeed like BSD all that would be required is a
>credit in the software. This seem acceptable to me. 

Right, it requires recognition of UCI's ownership of the code, and you
must agree not to hold UCI responsible for any problems.

>I can then sell a custom version of Argo/UML with
>reverse engining CORBA or COM components that are complied. I have a product
>I can sell, it support open source and if the Argo/UML group thinks I have
>violated some agreement, they can just create a OS clone of my component and
>I will have to compete with it in the market place.
>Jason, did I get this correct?

Sure, you can sell a product that includes ArgoUML code.  In fact,
this has already happened.  But the main ArgoUML source code will
always be freely available.