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Re: (FC-Devel) What is happening with FreeCase ?

>> Even having doubts about UML.  It just seems too
>> complex. I'm more enamoured with Shlaer Mellor as
>> time goes by.  Draw pictures, stick the information
>> in a database, generate code in desired language
>> (like writting a report).
> But UML is complete...

Can you run UML models?  Action semantics were still being worked out last I

> It's model is not simple, but is can easely be used as
> a superset of (almost) every other modeling language.
> That's after all what it's ment for :-)

You are mixing the model and the meta-model.  UML is an instance of the
meta-model (MOF).  Other modeling languages would be other instances of the
meta-model, not subsets of UML.

Chris Moore