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RE: (FC-Devel) What is happening with FreeCase ?

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> Sent: dinsdag 8 februari 2000 12:01
> To: freecase-devel@seul.org
> Subject: Re: (FC-Devel) What is happening with FreeCase ?
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> > I have been subscribed to this mailing list now for two 
> weeks thninking that
> > it would be busy and interesting. But no postings 
> whatsoever have been made
> > in that time.
> Depressing isn't it.  Maybe we need a recruitment drive.
> > Is development of FreeCase still going on or has it
> > been cancelled due to lack of interest ?
> Well, I can report that I've made little progress since I 
> last reported!  I've
> played around with CORBA vectors which are hideouly 
> inefficient compared to STL
> vectors.  Looked at the IDL.  Problem is you have to build 
> quite a large chunk
> before you can get even a simple small system.  Given that 
> and the fact that I'm
> not comfortable with C++..
> I've played around with GLADE for building interfaces.  Looks 
> good and easy to
> build complex GUIs.  Can even generate code in Ada95 so gets my vote.
> Even having doubts about UML.  It just seems too complex.  
> I'm more enamoured
> with Shlaer Mellor as time goes by.  Draw pictures, stick the 
> information in a
> database, generate code in desired language (like writting a report).

But UML is complete... It's model is not simple,but is can easely be used as a superset of (almost) every other modeling language. That's after all what it's ment for :-)


> Chris Moore