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Re: (FC-Devel) What is happening with FreeCase ?

Le ven, 11 fév 2000, vous avez écrit :
> Pierre Jarillon wrote:
> > 
> > Le mar, 08 fév 2000, vous avez écrit :
> > >From 5 to 9 July, at Bordeaux (France) we have a great event
> > The first meeting of all the free hackers in the world.
> > More informations (preliminary) at http://www.abul.org/
>   Hello Freecasers,
>  living in France, I might be able
> to represent FreeCASE at the meeting, with your help... I hope :-)

Thank you Mamoun, but this is not exactly what I wish !
I wish ALL the FreeCasers at Bordeaux !
IMHO, it's the best thing I can do to help FreeCase.

The registration is free. We (ABUL) are doing our best to lower the price of the
travel, the price of rooms, of meals... 
I think that the total cost will be the same that a single registration for a
congress in California.

 For the FreeCase team, we can offer some french meals, some rooms and
some tickets for plane ... and a tour in the famous Chateaux de Bordeaux.

Best regards
Pierre Jarillon	 http://www.atlantic-line.fr/~jarillon
Président de l'ABUL http://www.abul.org/