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Re: gEDA-user: Converting RS274D to RS274X

On Sun, 2008-04-13 at 17:09 -0700, joe tarantino wrote:
> Some gerber generators and viewers have a means to specify the number
> of significant digits past the decimal point in their co-ordinates
> (e.g. X.XXX or something like it).  Check to see if that is set
> correctly.
> Regarding the hpgl reference - is this a means to convert to the HPGL
> vector format that many plotters used to use?  I've used devices that
> plot on a resist film as you mention, and also convert to the path
> programming that a milling machine would use.  Filling large copper
> areas this way can be a little tedious, but it can be really handy for
> prototyping RF circuits.
I fixed the gerber file at the line that sets the number format, I
changed it from:

When I get some time ... No, I will make some time to write an
interactive program to do this conversion.


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