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Re: gEDA-user: Icarus Verilog building from CVS

What sorts of gains do you hope for, adding more compilers?

- compatibility with other platforms (there are machines other than x86 boxes out there)

- compatibility with compilers whose output is much faster than GCC

While gcc seems to do a great job of supporting multiple platforms, there does seem to be
the occasional performance question.

I for one would be interested in hearing the order of performance improvements possible
by compiler choice. In many applications verilog throuput is important.

I'm finding icarus usually 3x faster than cver, with icarus preferable for RTL usually.
cver has better gate level delay modelling and does SDF backannotation better.

ncverilog is ~ 3x faster than icarus. this is on x86 or athlon,
gcc for icarus and cver. Well worth trying different optimizations for cver, particularly on athlon.

all of them have such different overlaps in verilog syntax and error reporting its well worth
getting the design to run the same in all three :)