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Re: gEDA-user: Free Dog meetings at MIT starting this September!

> I've got to agree completely with Dave here.  Having soldered more than 
> a couple of things together in technologies ranging from vacuum tube to
> high pin count fine pitch chips over the last 23 years since my first soldering
> iron, I find that about the easiest thing is a board with 1206 passives
> and SOIC chips.  I'll grant you that things like QFN are a pain, but 
> an SO16 isn't and 1206's are so much faster to work with than leaded
> resistors and capacitors.  In fact, I almost always use surface mount
> parts when building up a quick prototype on some proto-board material.

But the SMT capacitors we are having here in retail stored don't have any
numbers printed on them. Have you also encountered that problem?