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Re: gEDA-user: Symbols and footprints and stuff, oh my

Martin Maney wrote:

> So I did a smallish circuit full of discrete transistors and Rs and Cs,
> and found usable footprints for all of them, but the pins from the
> transistor symbols - npn-2 and pnp-2 - didn't match the numeric pin
> names on the footprints. 
Most gschem and pcb users make a library of their own symbols with the details
of parts they use -- a heavy symbol library.  The distribution library is
not very complete, and gedasymbols.org is where some have put up their
symbols and pcb footprints to help choose a library of what you need.

I came across Bill Wilson's discussion of
> transistor pinouts:
> http://furrr.two14.net/cgi-bin/dwww/usr/share/doc/geda-doc/wiki/geda_transistor_guide.html
> At first I didn't care for it, having used other tools with a more
> heavyweight symbol approach, but I've decided he's on to something. 
> I'll talk about a half-formed thought about a possibly better
> compromise between lightweight and heavyweight symbols, but for the
> moment I'm just wondering if (1) Bill's approach is generally approved
> of, 
Sure, it's what's feasible for the distribution made by volunteer action.
But then, it's not what the experienced users stay with...
You will want to develop a library to suit your own aims.

John Griessen
Ecosensory   Austin TX

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