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Re: gEDA-user: [Patches] GTK Recent-file-manager

Am 01.01.2011 21:35, schrieb Felix Ruoff:
Am 01.01.2011 20:30, schrieb kai-martin knaak:
Felix Ruoff wrote:

I wish you much fun with testing this new features (if you like) and
would be very glad to hear/read some comments!
Hmm. Isolated patches make testing a bit awkward. What might be ok
for simple additions gets progressively less fun for more complicated

Can you set up a git repository of pcb with your patches applied?
(The way Peter Clifton makes his GL-enabled version of pcb available to
potential testers)

Hmmm, I have never done something like this, but I will try. Does anyone of you have a hint for a documentation how to do this and a link to a webpage, where I can host this repository?

I have figured out myself how to set up a git repository on github. The page, where you can browse it online is https://github.com/fruoff/pcb-fruoff .

If you like, you can get the branch with the following command:

git clone git://github.com/fruoff/pcb-fruoff.git

I will push some of my other modifications to this repository, too. Hope, this will make testing easier.

Am 01.01.2011 22:57, schrieb Matthew Wilkins:
I'd be interested to know how you do this; I'm preparing a patch to gschem's
multi-attribute editor to allow it to operate on multiple objects at once,
rather than going blank when multiple objects are selected.  It's getting close
to the point where it could be released for testing and feedback.

I have used the service at github.com. It took me one hour since I had created it like I want. I will have to test some other possibilities, but I am really glad with this page until now. For me it was unexpected, that I have to fork and push everything with the normal terminal, not via the web-browser as I expected. But now it's really easy! Like working locally on my machine.

Wish you all the best for the project!

Kind regards,

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