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Re: gEDA-user: Symbol question â suggestions?

Den 2011-01-05 16:17:57 skrev Karl Hammar <karl@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Johnny Rosenberg:
Maybe this is in the wiki somewhere and I just missed it, but what are the
possible text strings for pintype?

Since it is just a text field there is "no" limitation for what you
could type in there.

So far I've seen in, out, oc, pas. Are there more?

  Find gnet-drc2.scm with

$ locate gnet-drc2.scm

  and look into it

$ grep -A15 '^; Pintype definitions.' /var/local/share/gEDA/scheme/gnet-drc2.scm ; Pintype definitions. Overwrite previous definitions, because the backend depends on them.
(define unknown  0)
(define in       1)
(define out      2)
(define io       3)
(define oc       4)
(define oe       5)
(define pas      6)
(define tp       7)
(define tri      8)
(define clk      9)
(define pwr     10)
(define undefined 11)
(define pintype-names (list "unknown" "in" "out" "io" "oc" "oe" "pas" "tp" "tri" "clk" "pwr" "unconnected")) (define pintype-full-names (list "unknown" "input" "output" "input/output" "open collector" "open emitter" "passive" "totem-pole" "tristate" "clock" "power" "unconnected"))


  I find 10 different values drc2 cares about.
  From what I have guessed:

. digital pins: in, out, io
. driver pins:  oc, oe,  tp, tri
. other:        pas (the only one for analog things), pwr, clk

Do the gEDA software use them for something or is it just for the user?

As I found out in [1], the only users for that field is drc2 and the
user, plus possible third party programs.

drc2 use the attribute to tell the user about "strange" connections.
Look at the source or e.g. [2,3] for more info.

So the bottom line is that I should keep to those above and don't make my ownâ

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg

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