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Re: gEDA-user: Launchpad up & running [was: SourceForge bug trackers frozen]

On Fri, 2011-01-07 at 20:02 +0100, Kai-Martin Knaak wrote:
> Peter Clifton wrote:
> >> There seemed to be nothing like the old "feature request" category. So 
> >> I introduced the tag "feature-request". 
> > 
> > Set the priority to "wish-list", that should do it.
> This was my first guess, too. But unfortunately, I can't set the importance 
> of a report. There is no edit button next to this property.

I've added you to the geda-bugs team, but that might well mean you get
spammed with a lot of bug-mail (sorry!)

If that is the case, let me know if it is a problem, and we'll
investigate if it is possible to workaround it.

Peter Clifton

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Engineering Department,
University of Cambridge,
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