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Re: gEDA-user: Soft and Hard symbols

Stefan Salewski wrote:

> For footprint shape that is correct -- for slots and pin numbers not.

Slot numbers and their influence on pin numbers can safely be ignored 
in the first stages of schematic capture. With single/dual/quad 
packages it is not that simple. No algorithm could reliably guess what 
the designer wants -- which symbols to merge, which pair to choose from 
a quad. The best gschem might do, is to offer a way to achieve these 
goals with a minimum hassle. Maybe some kind of multiple symbol mode.
(I smell the scent of a feature request ;-)

> If I currently place an OpAmp symbol, its inverting, non-inverting
> and output pin have already pinnumbers, pinseq,  and slotdef
> attribute. An enable or offset correction pin may exist or may not
> exist. So it is better to know ahead what you want.

Regarding offset correction, you better do. If used, the offset needs 
extra components and nets. 

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