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Re: gEDA-user: Rant about "Make Inv Text Vis"

On Sat, 2011-01-15 at 07:54 +0000, Peter TB Brett wrote:
> ----- Original message -----
> > What is the point of the command Make Inv Text Vis in gschem, other than 
> > aggravating me.
> Good question. I'm not aware of a use-case for it either.  At the very
> least, it should be undo-able.  Please file a bug report.

Lets kill it with fire.

If it wants to come back, it should be in the form of bulk editing of a
set of selected attributes.

Are there any use-cases for invisible text which is not an attribute?
Since it might exist already though - we MAY have to add an:
"Invisble [x]" option to the text edit dialogue box.

The "Make Inv text vis" option is hardly a friendly way to work around
that (non-existant) option though.. so I don't think removing it will

As a kludge, to make invisible non attribute text visible, you have to
put an "=foo" in it or something like that, so it registers as an
attribute.. change the attribute visibility, then edit it with an
explicit "ex" (edit text), to change it back.

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