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Re: gEDA-user: Rant about "Make Inv Text Vis"

>> Lets kill it with fire.
> One use-case would be to quickly inspect all of these attributes. It makes a
> difference wether you see attributes in a seperate sheet vs. you see them
> right next to each symbol.

I don't know if it applies to the feature you are discussing or not,
but I have a use case where I need to turn off global visibility of
values for items.
In any normal schematic, destined for a PCB layout, there is normally
a designator and a value, like R1 : 1k.

A Government agency that I have the misfortune of submitting
schematics to for approval of my devices rejects any schematics that
shows the value.
They say it makes to much work for them to compare the schematic and
BOM to make sure the values match.

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