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Re: gEDA-user: gEDA flow for chip design?

   On 01/15/2011 10:52 AM, Florian E. Teply wrote:
   > Hi folks,
   > I seem to recall that some guys here use gEDA for chip design. John
   > Doty comes to mind, but i think there are others too. I'd be
   > in the workflow as i will have to make up some clever test chips in
   > next few years for PhD work and i'm not in the position to be able
   > to sell my grandma for a full-fledged cadence seat, nor am i willing
   > If reasonably possible, i'd want both simulation as well as
   > of production-ready data (GDS or OASIS files, preferably OASIS), but
   > have not the slightest idea on how to accomplish that or even if
   > possible with open source software, let alone from whithin gEDA.
   > Any suggestions?
   I have just made my first ASIC.  I used gEDA and LTSpice for the front
   end.  To get from gschem to Magic I wrote a gnetlist translator.  I did
   this by writing a small scheme back end that called into a standard C++
   program to do the heavy lifting.  Inside Magic I did the layout with a
   crude DRC based on the process I was using.  I extracted back out of
   Magic and reran the extract circuit in LTSpice as my LVS checker.  You
   can also run a simple LVS in Magic, but I did not find that entirely
   I then use a tool call KLayout and wrote scripts in ruby (the
   automation language for KLayout) to manipulate the layer data to get
   the resulting files I want.  Klayout can export to OASIS if you wish to
   use that format.  I myself used GDSII.  So to summarize my flow:
   gschem -> gnetlist spice-oks -> LTSpice (I use my own spice back end as
   For doing the designing, and then
   gschem -> gnetlist magic -> C++ code -> Magic -> KLayout -> Ruby ->
   to do the layout.  There is no need to use the C++ code if you are a
   whiz at scheme, but I really don't like LISP.  I am not anti functional
   languages, I just don't like the syntax of LISP.  I find it hard to
   maintain and read.

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