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Re: gEDA-user: gschem: directly connecting two nets?

> Perhaps I was going a bit far to suggest full DRC for the actual antenna
> design. What I really meant was not loosing information for net
> connectivity checking leading up the antenna.

Thinking longer term, why not support DRC checking of inductance and
resistance for specially tagged traces ?
Of course most nets can simply be thought of as perfect conductors,
but if we introduce the concept of a resistive and/or inductive trace
it would be very helpful for making small inductors and resistors
directly out of copper.
My current design implements resistors of 2.5mOhms up to 0.25 ohms
purely with copper.  PCB's DRC doesn't understand and highlights these
resistors in orange, but I can imagine a future PCB where I specified
that a particular trace should have a resistance of (say) 10 mOhm and
DRC would handle it gracefully.

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