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Re: gEDA-user: PCB bug: only names, draw a line, undo: segfault

Stephan Boettcher wrote:

> PCB version 20100929
> Compiled on Nov  8 2010 at 05:46:11
> Debian sid.
> gtk.
> - Settings->Only Names
> - draw a line
> - hit 'u' for undo.
> -> segfault.

I can confirm for pcb recently compiled from git.  

This is the specific sequence I did to achieve segfault:

1) Settings -> Only_Names

2) choose the line tool

3) left mouse click on canvas

4) left mouse click on canvas

5) [u] to undo

--> immediate segfault. No other errors reported

If I ended the track with [esc] no segfault would occur.
I noticed, that the same procedure with pcb from squeeze
does not segfault. But it still behaves a bit strange on 
undo: The next segment seems to start somewhere off canvas. 
Kai-Martin Knaak
Email: kmk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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