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Re: gEDA-user: anyway to make rectangular holes such as these?

On Mon, 2011-01-31 at 18:43 +1100, Stephen Ecob wrote:

> Another approach I've seen is to place a row of overlapping holes very
> close together.  You can do this by hacking the .PCB file in a text
> editor. Many PCB fabricators can handle this approach, some cannot -
> check with your board manufacturer first.

Yes - and many will say NO WAY, as it can result in snapped drills for
them. (And possibly not give a good plated slot).

We don't support this (from inside the footprint), but what you need is
a mechanical layer which defines the shape of the slot to be routed. You
would need to talk to your prospective board vendor(s) to find out what
would suit them best.

It is unfortunate that this info can't be part of the foot-print. You
will have to draw it on the board directly.

A plated slots layer might be what is needed - although you may have to
kludge what you need in PCB by calling the layer "route" or "outline",
so PCB doesn't copy all pin / via pads onto that layer as well.

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