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Re: gEDA-user: Has anyone used SSOP28.fp?

> Shouldn't the file format be forward compatible with a warning?  if
> an unknown parameter is introduced in the file format, pump out a
> warning and continue?

The problem is that pcb's file format is entirely defined by a yacc
grammar.  I.e. the grammar says "expect FOO or BAR or GRILL here" and
if you give it any other token, you get a syntax error.  A better file
format would be something where the syntax is independent of the
content, like what the menu resource uses, or (gak) XML.  Then we
could parse the whole file into a data structure (all at once or
piecemeal), and interpret (or not) the data we get.

Perhaps we could change the parser to be content-agnostic, though.

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