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gEDA-user: Icarus Verilog going git.

Well, I've made my choice and I'm starting the transition over
to using git for Icarus Verilog. I've made my personal repository
and I've made anonymous access to it at the url:


It this repository you'll be able to *immediately* pull anything
that I push into it. This is an improvement over the anonymous
CVS access where it only came available overnight after an rsync.

I expect to keep the CVS repository around for a while, although
I'll not be committing to it, so it will gradually become obsolete
and I'll remove it at that time. I'm in the process of changing the
documentation to point at the git repository instead of CVS.

I'll be following with interest the similar progress with the geda
git repository to see what sorts of use "styles" are worked out
while I gain experience with it. (Gaining experience with git is
in fact one of my motivations for this switch.)
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