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gEDA-user: some gattrib suggestions


Here are two suggestions gattrib:

1) Let gattrib export and import a comma separated file and call a
regular spreadsheet application like gnumeric on that file. This will
immediately solve the usability issues like search&replace, column width
or select multiple lines. No need to reinvent the GUI here. In fact, you
could completely scrap the gattrib GUI and use gnumeric a a kind of
external GUI.

2) Let gattrib parse the symbols for footprint attributes. At the moment
it shows only the footprint values that are set in the schematic. That
way gattrib doesn't help me to find the symbols that have no footprint
at all.
Yes, I know, that this touches the dreaded light/heavy symbols debate.
However, I as a user like to set the footprint on a per symbol basis.
Especially as some symbols will have their specialized footprint with no
chance that they will ever be associated with a different footprint.

With these two features would be gattrib dramatically improved.

Kai-Martin Knaak
Blog: http://lilalaser.dyndns.org/blog

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