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Re: gEDA-user: pcb footprint syntax

kmk wrote:
Dan McMahill wrote:

Clearly, the docs I am looking at do not reflect the file format used by
my installed version of pcb. Is there any other place to look for the

The manual has been updated after your snapshot to address this.

The snapshot I use is http://pcb.sourceforge.net/pcb-cvs.html/index.html
This is supposed to be the latest version, isn't it?

the manual you mentioned in your earlier email was not the CVS one.

Read the first 2 paragraphs of:

Of what? May be section 7.3? There is a suggestion to read the source of
the parser if I want to understand an older element file. Hmmm, but my
file is new. Ok, I understand, that the manual is a bit behind the source...

thats the one. It's not just that the manual is behind, the manual only documents one possible version while the program supports many possible versions. This is something I'm working on but it is slow going.