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Re: gEDA-user: Where is pcb-20100929 for Win32 ?

Bob Paddock wrote:

> While the links did work, when the download was completed I found a
> new tab had appeared in Chrome, the browser I was using.

Some kind of script silently executed behind your back? 
Kind of scary.

> The in-your-face pictures in that tab are completely unsuitable for a
> business or family (or any in my personal view) environment.
> I'm sure it is nothing you were aware of, just the nature of these
> kind of these file sharing sites.

For the archive:

A clean alternative, I had good success with, is 
This service plays nice in every way. No nag screens, no offensive
images either and the download speed is decent, too. The providers 
consider the service an advertisement for their other hosting 
products. So they have an incentive to not scare users away :-)
The free service covers 500 MB of storage. 

Kai-Martin Knaak
Email: kmk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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