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Re: gEDA-user: pcb doesn't allow adding a thermal to vias

Andrew Poelstra wrote:

> It appears that "thermal" is not supported by ChangeFlag (and
> SetFlag, which calls it). I believe this is a documentation
> bug.

I believe, this is a missing feature. Even if thermals are technically 
no flags in the internals of PCB. From a user perspective this is a
very natural category. For the sake of least surprise, the SetFlag
action should allow to set this property, too. 

While at it, the rather limited scope of thermal tool may be broadened 
to a general flag tool: Right click on the tool icon offers a way to 
select what flag it tries to set or unset. LMB on objects set the flag, 
RMB unset the flag, MMB toggles.

The thermal tool itself might benefit from some usability improvement, 
too: Currently it confuses users by not doing anything if there is no 
polygon at this place in the current layer. This was the cause of this 
thread. And I confess to have been stumbling on this when I was new
to PCB. IMHO, the GUI should be verbose and pop up a note to explain 
why nothing happened.

Ok, I better stop day dreaming before this becomes yet another list 
of feature requests...

Kai-Martin Knaak
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