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Re: gEDA-user: pcb: Track routing strategies and tips

   I start off with schematics. People underestimate the need for a clear
   schematic. On the schematics, I tend to place components approximately
   where they will appear on the PCB. This gives me an idea of how traces
   are to be routed. I divide my schematics into virtual blocks - not
   actually marked on the schematic. For example one block would be a 3.3V
   buck powrer supply; another might be a 9DOF sensor area (mag/acc/gyro.)
   When it comes to a layout, I place major components first and attempt
   to fit the smaller blocks into the free space as long as traces are
   kept short.

   I rarely if ever use the autorouter, even on complex designs. No
   autorouter, no matter how good, can work as well as routing by hand, in
   my honest opinion.

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