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Re: gEDA-user: PCB: simple FreeType fonts implementation -- update?

Colin D Bennett wrote:

> Could you elaborate on this footprint generation work-flow?

I am tempted to write a footprint generation howto...

> Are you saying that you draw the footprint pads with lines on
> top/bottom copper layer, pins with vias, and silk with lines, 
> then you
> save a â.pcbâ layout file for your footprint rather than exporting to a
> â.fpâ element file? 

At (*) I do "convert_to_footprint", add a name, move the name to a nice 
location, add square-flags and adjust mask clearance. Then a script enforces 
some defaults on all the footprints in the script: 
* make the name, the value and the description all the same string
* set pin number and pin name to the same string
* set pad number and pad name to the same string
Finally, a script extracts all footprints contained in the pcb to individual

> I could see this being more convenient for future editing, 

One of the benefits is to provide a visual catalog of a class. 
Say, all SOTxxx footprints.

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