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Re: gEDA-user: Reinventing the wheel

Colin D Bennett wrote:

> Not to get into the whole light/heavy symbol debate

Maybe, it is time to look at this issue again. When I first read geda 
documentation, there were already references that this had been discussed 
ad nauseam. As a result, the default lib was the way it was and is. This
is six year back now. Since then, this topic has not been raised on the 
mailing list. But there are 

Except for some bug fixes, the default lib stayed the same for all the 
years. No symbols were added, none was removed, nothing was restructured. 

If the default lib is to be changed now, then there should be some kind 
of new consensus on the heavy/light issue. Else, the effort might end in
religious  war and, or frustration.

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