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Re: gEDA-user: Solving the light/heavy symbol problem

> Pin numbers are a bit harder than most other attributes in the
> present state of gnetlist, because the front end employs pin numbers
> internally to track pin identity.

Yup.  I had proposed using the pin *label* as the identifier, not the
pin *number*.  The label is "owned" by the schematic, but the number
is "owned" by the partdb or layout.  That lets you, for example,
change the package in layout without having to change the schematics

> And, of course, there's no reason that the rules need to come from a
> single place, using a uniform format.

I hadn't gotten around to thinking about where the rules came from,
just that they should exist.  I suspect any solution would need to be
available to gschem and pcb also (or anything else), though, for
previews and manual changes.

I did think about where the *metadata* would come from, and some API
to hide all that behind.  I'm waffling between something like HTTP/CGI
(automatic integration with any web server) or SQL (powerful query

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